Tuesday, 1 July 2014

June Round Up

I feel a little bit freaked out that time is going so quickly... I haven't got too many exciting updates to tell you about this month, but generally things seem to be peachy!

I've been at my 'new' job for 2 months on the 5th. I still enjoy it, and now have a pleasurable routine every lunch time - I go to the coffee shop, ignore the fact it's a coffee shop and order a cup of tea, buy some Propercorn 'Sweet and Salty' popcorn (BEST FOOD EVER - I eat a bag every single week day), sit outside and read Anna Karenina.

No new news. Still short, still no dye.

Oui. Non. Fromage. Champignon. Baguette.

SJ Competitions
Ah, now here I have an excellent update - Ernest is all back to normal! Now I'm back from holiday I'm going to book some dressage and showjumping lessons. We did a sneaky crosspole in our dressage saddle the other day...

As I mentioned here, Maxx and I will be running the Basingstoke Half Marathon on October 5th for Wimbledon Greyhound Welfare. I did a treadmill training run on holiday but will be back pounding the pavements later this week. Thank you so much for everyone who has sponsored us already - we've reached 41% of our fundraising target already! If you haven't, please sponsor us: www.justgiving.com/PipandMaxx. WGW is a brilliant cause and we appreciate any donation you can afford to give.

Body Fat
I'm not too faffed about this. I'm a year behind my goal of 18%, but that's OK. I was thinking just yesterday that over 80% of my body is muscle or bone or the other stringy bits which hold me together, so I don't think I need to worry too much. Plus I'm training for a half marathon again, which drastically reduced my BF last time,

New Country
I am definitely suffering from post-holiday blues. How can a week go so fast? On a positive note, Maxx and I had the best time in Berlin and I'm looking forward to telling you all about it later this week. Maxx has since mentioned that he'd like to visit Luxembourg, whereas next on my 'hit list' is Ireland. We're saving for a house now, so we may not go away somewhere new for a little while. We'll see...

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