Thursday, 4 June 2015

Lara's Two-Month Anniversary

Lara Bingle

Today is Lara’s two-month anniversary with us. She’s gone from quiet skinny mouse to playful, affectionate, slightly less skinny mouse. She’s gone from Lara, to Lara Bingle, to Bingus, to Stinky Binky.

Lara has charmed everyone she’s met through her snuggly nature and quirky habits. Here are 10 things which really characterise our funny little snout:
  1. She is a man’s dog; her favourite people are my brother and granddad.

  2. But she also really loves my female cousin; Bingle followed her to the toilet the first time they met. It’s been a love affair ever since – and my cousin isn’t normally a dog person due to severe allergies.

  3. She is a hardcore snuggler.

  4. Bingle is a very windy hound. Every time she stretches she parps – loudly.

  5. Her favourite defensive move is ‘the sag of uselessness’. If you want her to get down off the sofa or off my bed, she goes all floppy; I’ve had to pick her up several times.

  6. She’s the messiest eater we’ve ever seen. I honestly think she only eats about 20% of each biscuit she takes from the bowl.

  7. If Bingle wants to play or wants attention, she will poke you with her snout. Usually in the bottom.

  8. When she gets overexcited, she spins in a really tight circle, like a mini Twister.

  9. She loves raiding the toy box, and has taken a shine to my old hedgehog slipper and Claus’ red bird (the squeaker is long gone!).

  10. When the phone rings, she howls! Not just a little, either; the entire time the phone is ringing. Then Claus and Princess join in! It’s a cacophony of noise.
Lara and her daddy

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