Saturday, 17 November 2012

New PT Workout: #1

As promised, albeit late, here is the gym workout I had been following when I started the blog. As I can't fit a cable machine in my Uni room, I have put the modifications for a home workout in pink. Not for any specific reason, I just like pink.

I do now have a new workout, so will post that up soon; my second attempt at it is on Monday, at the gym with trainer.
I originally started training with Michelle for the half marathon, so the workouts prior to this were very leg and core-focused; now, they are entire body workouts:

Warm-up: treadmill hill run/sprint - 10 minutes
As I don't normally warm up at home, I wouldn't do anything.
I then do 3 sets of the following exercises:
Barbell high pull - 10 kg 12 reps
I don't own barbells so I use two 5kg weights.
Bulgarian split squat - 20 reps
These are the absolute bane of my life but they are so effective and really easy to do at home, assuming you own at least one chair in the entireity of your abode!
Bosu press ups - 12 reps
I don't own a bosu so I do the easier version of a normal press up (I'm building up to do the full version!).
TRX hip raise and leg curl - 12 reps
I use my swiss ball for these.
Seated cable row with rope - 3 plates 12 reps
I replace these with bent over rows, which I hate doing and I don't know why....
Cross body step ups - 20 reps
I do these on the stairs.
I really didn't feel like these were doing anything, until the next day I had very achy inner-leg muscles!
Dips on bench - 12 reps
A chair replaces the bench.
DB lateral raises - 2kg 12 reps
Plank on TRX - 30 seconds
I just do the plank as normal.
I do it either on my elbows or up on my hands; hands is supposed to be harder but I don't find this so?
Lying swiss ball Russian twist - 12 reps
These are so hard and effective. I would recommend practising these and including them in your workout regularly.
TRX crunches - 15 reps
Crunches as normal.
Alternate supermans - 20 reps
It's important to work the lower back muscles too!
Warm down: Cycle for 5 minutes and streeeeeeetch.

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