Thursday, 8 November 2012

New Lululemon running trousers

OK so I have been a busy little bee since my return from America, but I meant to post this a while ago (on the 27th to be precise). Photos will be added of the glorious trousers...

Today I broke in my new violet Lululemon trousers. I only found out about the brand when I was in Canada last month, but everyone raved about it so I was eager to see what all the fuss was about. 

After paying $86, I had high expectations, for although they fit snugly and made my legs look nice and slim, I could get that effect with my £32 Marks and Spencer jeans. Or by wrapping cling film round my legs. 

As you can see, they have a mesh panel which absorbs the sweat from your knee crevice (cringe - what a horrible word) and a back pocket to fit in a small snack/energy tablets etc.

Today we did a similar route to Friday, except we ran further up the first hill on to the trails. So, not only was I breaking in my Lulu's, but I was on my first trail run! Life is wild. It was a bit like fartlek training, leaping and dodging my way around rocks and tree roots; it didn't feel like running, and although this part of the run must have been about a mile long, it went really quickly. I would definitely like to include more trail runs when I'm home.

We ran 5.42 miles in 52 minutes - around 9.5 minutes per mile. My trousers were very comfortable; they were snug but not tight, kept my legs warm without causing me to overheat, and didn't chafe anywhere. I would definitely buy more sportswear from Lululemon.

Pip xxx

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