Wednesday, 27 February 2013

The Last Time I EVER Ride A Bike

I'm back in France at the moment, visiting my boyf, although sadly only until tomorrow afternoon - cue uncontrolled sobbing for six hours on le bateau home.
He absolutely loves cycling and belongs to a club and competes etc. I, however, have never been a fan of the humble bicycle; outside my old house, I used to cycle up one end of the road, get off, turn the bike around, and cycle back. I learnt to ride a bike properly around 7, then a couple of years later was cycling with my brother and his friend Kevin, and they said:
"Take your hands of the handlebars, you'll be fine, it's really easy!"
I distinctly remember falling off. And going into the house with two very sore hands, probably in a sulk.
But today I thought it might be nice to go for a cycle, as boyf lives in a lovely area and I really wanted to move ma bodyy. How naive; I couldn't get on the thing at first, then boyf gave me a push which was scary enough, then I wobbled all over the road, then I fell to one side because I went off the road, then I couldn't stop because I wasn't holding the handlebars correctly (I mean, how hard can it be????). Boyf had to cycle in front of me and grab the bike, while I shrieked "Help me, help me, I can't stop, help me!". Tres embarressing.
I actually hate cycling. It hurt my bumbum, I had no control, I felt unsafe and I'm so bad at it. So, I'm never going to cycle again. Horse riding is much safer and a pony is much easier to control!
The next two posts are not fitness related, as I have two reviews to put up: Pitch Perfect and Anna Karenina.

Until then, au revoir


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