Saturday, 9 February 2013


So I was compiling a semi-interesting post this week about some new snacks I've been trying out, when an incident last night prompted me to write this post.
It's about drinking, and not the healthy water kind.
I'm not here to preach or pretend that I'm a perfect drunk, but after a couple of bad incidences with vodka, I've been successfully avoiding disastrous nights (caused by myself) by taking the responsible choice not to drink vodka anymore. I'm still at Uni, and drinking is obviously a big part of the culture; with a vodka lemonade around £1.50 at the Student Union, it's very easy for hard-up students to have a few whilst out partying.
However, after an incident last night with a boy (I hesitate to say man because, while an adult, his conduct defies being able to be defined as such) who consistantly behaves unacceptably while drunk. And I'm not talking a bit silly, a bit annoying, but otherwise manageable. I mean strange; taking photos of girls without them knowing, following girls around and standing uncomfortably close for no reason, being aggressive, being antagonist, and staring for long periods of time at girls without moving. Doesn't that sound like a horrible way to spend an evening, being targeted by someone who makes me feel that I would genuinely fear for the safety of myself and my friends if they were alone with him?
Unfortunately last night this is exactly what happened, and the worst part was the excuse:
"He's just drunk."
No, he's not just drunk. He's taken the decision to get drunk, knowing his behaviour is frequently criticised as being inappropriate, and I am yet to see him behaviour appropriately when drunk.
I won't say much more, except it's time that people stopped using this as an excuse.
If you know you can be a bad drinker, why do you still do it? You ruin your night, your friends night, and probably upset people you don't even know. I recognise from my own behaviour that I would rather keep my friends than have a few drinks.
I'm 23 this August, and I feel that the time really has passed for making stupid drunken mistakes. Of course I love going out on a Wednesday and dancing like a crazy person with my housemates, but I also know that I don't like the feeling of waking up and having to ask, "What happened last night? Did I upset anyone last night?"
So all I'm asking is that please, please be responsible when you drink. You're an adult, and no one else can take responsibility for your behaviour anymore, it really is down to you.

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