Tuesday, 11 June 2013

Flash Fitness! First run since March.

As the title suggests, on the 6th I went for my first run since The Festival of Running in March. It was rather more of a mini run, and although I was exhausted, I had planned Thursday to be run-day this week so I would rather have done a short run than nothing at all.

I ran for 15 minutes and 19 seconds, so that would only have been around 1.5 miles, and cooled down by walking the greyhounds with my mum around the route I'd just run (or ran?).

Here is a picture tour of my run, featuring Princess the greyhound, Claus the greyhound, and my mum.

This was the start.^^ It's a nice long straight path, popular with Princess and Claus because of the many interesting sniffs.

The second part of my run is also fairly straight, where I run alongside a stream until I reach the end, where I have to cross a road.

This is my favourite part of running around my area. I go past a skate park and down a path which runs through a field; as the second picture shows, there is also a stream and a little bridge to run over. Annoyingly, there were quite a few midges as it was warm, and I'm sure I got one in the eye. Princess and Claus also love this area as they can bury themselves in the long grass...

This section is my favourite part of the 3-mile route that I usually do. It's very flat so was a nice introduction back into running, but I'm looking forward to the challenge of training for the Basingstoke Half Marathon in October. My time last year was 2 hours 7 minutes, but I'd like to be in under 2 hours.


Alert ears.

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