Saturday, 22 June 2013

Flash Fitness! Workout "game"?!

I've made a new game...
...I hear you say. Well, let me explain...
I bought a set of weights from Fitness Superstore last year (which you can find here) so I could workout from home, because sometimes facing lots of people in the gym and driving into town etc is a bother, especially if I've already been out all day. And now my brother has moved out, I have a proper space to use as a gym.
Having a personal trainer, I have a multitude of workouts to choose from, but occasionally I just don't feel like doing anything. So I thought of this game for the days I just don't know what to do with myself, but know I need to move ma body...
The Game
1) Get some of these - colours preferably, so you either mix them up for a full-body workout or focus on one body part in particular.

2) On the appropriate colour, write an exercise with the number of reps and the weight. To be eco-friendly, I'm not using one card for each move, but cutting them into strips. I've also left space to increase my reps and weight when appropriate.
Obviously we all have our favourite moves, but below are a selection of the exercises I've included. I will add to these, once I've had a look online and in my fitness magazines for more ideas.
For lower body:
Squat, 15 reps, 10kg each hand (I usually use a 20kg barbell at the gym)
Bulgarian split squat, 10 reps each leg, body weight (for this you will also need a chair)
Kneeling glute press, 10 reps each leg, n/a
Walking lunge, 20 reps, 8kg each hand
Side lunge, 10 reps each side, 8kg
For upper body:
Bicep curl with twist, 10 reps each side, 4kg
Alternative dumbbell row, 10 each side, 8kg
Chest fly on stability ball, 15 reps, 5kg
Chest press on stability ball, 15 reps, 6kg
Overhead triceps extension, 10 reps, 3kg (haha wussy)
For abs:
Sit ups, 20 reps
Plank, 30 seconds
Side plank with reach under, 10 reps each side
V-ups, 20 reps
Reverse curl, 20 reps

3) Clip the groups together, and when you want to use them, make sure you shuffle the cards so you don't get the same exercises in the same order all the time. Remember, when you shuffle, turn the cards over so you can't see the writing.
4) Pick 5 from each side if doing a full-body workout, or 10 from one specific colour. Choose fewer cards if you are doing a shorter workout. Turn them over and get moving!
This is what I got for my first workout:
Alternate dumbbell row
Kneeling glute press
Side lunge
Reverse curl
Hammer curl
Overhead triceps extension
Side plank with reach under

I also have a stationary bike (I know, quelle surprise, but I did use it a lot in my first year of University when doing all my reading for classes or watching films with my housemates), which I will use for 10 minutes as a warm up. Alternatively, you could run up and down your stairs, go for a short run outside, dance furiously, do jumping jacks or skip.
And, perhaps most importantly, remember to streeeeetch at the end!!
I hope you enjoy this game. Recommend me your favourite moves!
Also, I'm sure I didn't invent this...

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  1. excellent idea, I recognise some of those exercises from your routine we did a while ago :P great post, very useful and practical!