Thursday, 1 May 2014

April Round Up

Are we seriously in May? May? MAY?!?!?!?!? I mean, I like this month and all, and it's getting closer to my birthday, but what the f! This year is going so fast - maybe it's because I'm getting old... I certainly feel it with my wisdom teeth coming through. Which hurts, by the way - it's like having a spiky plum in the corner of my mouth.

This month has been an emotional drain. Family problems and losing Lucky have made this a month I'd rather forget, but there has also been one huge change for the better...

I was offered the role of Publishing Assistant at Health Press Limited on the 16th April, and to say I’m excited to start is an understatement. As we went away on the 17th, it was an excellent way for Maxx and I to start our Easter break –we’ve even talked already about opening a joint savings account! Since 1st April I've also been giving private English lessons in my hometown, which I'm also really enjoying and finding very rewarding.

Still not dyed it, and to my surprise the colour coming through isn’t too bad. It’s not the nicest colour, grown out mouse with ginger ends, but it’s also not the worst! My hair is really soft at the moment too, which is definitely from leaving it alone and from using my Aveda products.

I was nervous about going to France and being mute, so I was chuffed on the boat when I spoke to a couple of the staff in French. I like to think I spoke more French in France than English, and felt more confident speaking with different people. I’m slowly getting to grips with French grammar, too.

SJ Competitions
There were a couple of competitions at the end of April I wanted to enter, but Ernest went lame last Thursday - typically, I’d just booked a SJ lesson for Friday afternoon. He got his leg stuck in his rug straps all night and has hurt the tendon by his hoof – the swelling and lameness has seriously gone down over the last couple of days though, so I’m hoping we will finally get out in May.

I went for a short run in France, except it turned out to be more intervals than a solid 20/30 minutes. When did I get so terrible at running? Oh yeah, when I stopped doing it regularly.

Body Fat
Still the same as I mentioned on Monday. I still cannot believe I’ve put on 1.5 inches around my waist! But I'm not going to obsess about it I'm definitely going to obsess about it.

New Country
Maxx and I are still going to Berlin, but what we’ve decided is that next year we won’t go abroad except to visit Maxx’s family in France – now I’m employed, we want to start saving for a house and other big scary adult things.

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