Tuesday, 6 May 2014

First Day of New Job!

Today was my first day as a Publishing Assistant! I was so hyped up to start that I didn't sleep too well last night. I'm the 5th member of staff in the whole company - my Dad keeps calling me 'The Fifth Element' now - and the office is situated in a quiet, picturesque town close to the River Thames.

Arriving early means coffee and book time
As with most first days, I had informal meetings with all other members of staff, including the company owner, before doing a little bit of work at the end of the day. There was a lot to take in, but I'm really excited to see my role develop and evolve; I have a really good feeling here, as everyone is friendly and really cares about what they do. 

Being a medical publisher, I heard the words 'poo', 'fecal incontinence', 'itchy red penis' and 'vaginal discharge' all in my first staff meeting! The company owner even asked me: 'Do you think poo should be in it?' - referring to a page name on the website. I think I'm in the right place.

I forgot to take a picture when leaving, but I even have my own desk! And not just a table in a corner - a proper desk with a table on one side! Tomorrow I'm bringing in my picture of Ernest, which will sit next to my computer. 

I can't express how delighted I am to be working not only in publishing, but for this company - I truly feel like I have found the right place for me. Now I just need to prove myself and pass my probation!

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  1. you'll pass your probation Pippy! They will definitely see how magical you are, especially with a photo of your unicorn by your computer. <3 xxx