Sunday, 1 June 2014

May Round Up

I said April went fast. So did May! I attribute that to finally being in full time employment - time seems to have flown by. I'll have been at my new job for a month on Friday!

Life has definitely been more peachy since getting my new job - I've learnt so much, the people are like a family and the books they publish are really, really interesting as well as important ( I'm still teaching and intend to continue giving private lessons once these students have passed their exams - it helps that my current students are wonderful and funny and hard-working, but teaching international students is incredibly rewarding. I've wanted to work in publishing and teach privately since I had a private tutor - who also had a 9 to 5 as well as his teaching (thanks Mr Stockwell) - so I'm proud I've achieved this goal at only 23.

Still no dye. I had a lot chopped off a couple of weeks ago, which makes growing out the colour a lot easier. You know your hair needs a good cut when your hairdresser gives up combing it, grabs chunks and just hacks the manky bits off.


SJ Competitions
I'm able to ride for 20-25 minutes now, but when the vet came last Friday Ernest was still completely lame in trot. I'm not sure I've explained fully what happened - Ernest damaged the tendon sheath in his back leg by getting it stuck in his rug, presumably while rolling. As he was out at night, he had been stuck with his leg up all night so it was very sore and tender - that was early April, I believe. I've put competing out of my mind while he gets better, and even then we will be building back up slowly. These things always remind me how lucky I am that he's still with me after his big injury in 2012 (fractured leg).

I've not been running since our 'yeah! let's go running again!' weekend, but I'm planning to include a couple of runs a week in the run up (ha ha haaa) to our holiday.

Body Fat
Shut up. See above for attempts to lower it.

New Country
We go away in 20 days! I'm getting soooooo excited. There's a gym at the hotel which I'll be frequenting, but I'd really like to be in shape for when we go away. Body shape and size aside, there is so much about visiting Berlin that I'm hyped for - spending a week just Maxx and I, visiting a historically significant city, exploring a completely new place, trying German cuisine... Roll on 21st June!

How was your May? Which goals did you achieve and what are you still aiming for?

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