Tuesday, 3 June 2014

New PT Workout: #6

Yesterday, The Smiling Assassin texted me to tell me she'd ‘tweaked’ my programme an hour before we were due to meet - I took this as a warning. 

Warm-up: run, 10 mins

Circuit 1 - Lower Body (3 sets)
Walking lunges with 15kg barbell - 20 reps
Leg press 50kg - 12 reps (with this leg press machine, you push yourself up as opposed to pushing the weight away from you)
DB crossover lunge 5kg each hand - 20 reps

Superset (this will make you feel like you’ve broken your bottom):
Sumo squats 8kg - 12 reps
Pop squats - 12 reps

Circuit 2 - Upper Body (3 sets)
Cable chest press - 12 reps
T-bar/seated row 15kg - 12 reps
Cable/DB flyes – 12 reps
Lat pulldown 25kg – 12 reps
Tricep pressdown – 12 reps

Circuit 3 - Abs (3 sets)
Sit ups with 6kg med ball – 15 reps
Plank with rear leg extension - 20 reps
Russian twist with 6kg med ball - 20 reps
Hanging leg raises – 10 reps

Cool down, stretch, and collapse on floor.
Programme designed by Michelle Maxwell of Youmefit.co.uk.

There are no weights listed next to some of the upper body exercises as we focused on legs. I will update this post when I’ve done the full upper body circuit.

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