Thursday, 14 August 2014

Crochet Ernest!

At midnight I pestered Maxx to let me open his card and a present. The wrapping was quite unusual as a soft ear was poking out the side - at the time I just thought Maxx had given up with the whole wrapping fandango.

Well... when I saw what my gift was, I cried a happy tear. One of Maxx's colleagues, Jenny, crochets owls and giraffes and other animals, and he'd mentioned to me a while ago how good they are. He definitely made an understatement.

I am astounded - my gift is beautiful and touchingly personal. Apparently, Jenny visited my blog and read the story of the day Ernest arrived (12 years ago today!), took my gift back, and added a small spot to his ear. If you don't understand the significance of the ear spot, read this post. Maxx also provided pictures so Jenny could get a really good idea of Ernest's markings, and wrapped him with one ear poking out as a reference to the day he arrived in 2002. 

Crochet Ernest is magical. I smile every time I look at him and keep stroking his hair! I made him my snapchat story this morning and I am definitely going to introduce him to Ernest later today.

Thank you Jenny and Maxx :)

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  1. This is SO adorable! I love all of the attention to detail :) xxx