Saturday, 20 December 2014

Countdown to Christmas II

In my first Countdown to Christmas post, I mentioned I was doing Lee Labrada's 12-week Lean Body regime. I was enjoying this programme, however I've been ill the last 2 weeks with a stomach bug then a cough and cold so haven't worked out much.

This is frustrating as I've had more time to exercise since finishing teaching and finishing my CELTA. That said, I haven't wasted the time - Ernest and I have been on some long, relaxing hacks which have really helped me feel less fuggy and gross. Yesterday was so bright I thought I was going blind! 

As I've said before, when I don't have time or don't have a lot of energy, I'll always choose to ride over other forms of exercise. I've really enjoyed spending time with Ernest, on the ground and riding, and the long rides have genuinely made me feel fresher.

So, as a result of the last couple of weeks, I probably won't reach my January goal of 19%. I'm still hoping for a loss though, even if it's just 20.5% down from 21.39%. I said I didn't want to stuff myself, which I haven't, but I have struggled to eat healthily. Perhaps that's from feeling crappy, perhaps that's just an excuse! Either way, I'm bringing some workout clothes and my trainers to France so I can do some exercise while we're away for Christmas.

I've also been tidying this past month. Now, anyone who knows me knows I'm messy and find tidying very boring. But things were starting to get out of hand - my stuff was everywhere, all over the house. In piles, in bags, on chairs etc - and if I didn't feel up to lifting heavy things, I could at least sort my stuff out.

I took 5 bags to charity, found 8 old mobile phones, put all my teaching books on the shelf and finally found Ernest's passport (in my room all along - major stress over). It's therapeutic, and now I feel organised and ready for next year's teaching and studying!

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