Tuesday, 2 December 2014

I went Bouldering!

Today, I went bouldering with my cousin. I thought we were going rock climbing, with ropes and hats and people watching to ensure all was safe - but I was wrong. Bouldering is similar to rock climbing but without the hats and ropes - it's curiously primitive, scaling walls and jumping back down, and is one of the hardest activities for your forearms!

At first, I was a complete wuss. I was scared! More scared than I thought I'd be. I'd start to climb, with plenty of direction and encouragement from Cousin P and his friend, but then freak out about being 'high up' (suffice to say I wasn't high up) and have to come back down. A couple of times I ended up dangling and just couldn't let go, so Cousin P and friend lowered me back down. 

Cousin P taking on the wall
The thought of falling really frightened me, possibly more than the height, but after about 30 minutes I was trying harder and taking the boys' advice on how to move up the wall. I'd started to enjoy it by this point and didn't feel silly as the boys were really patient - my cousin is a good teacher! He made me feel good about going a little bit higher each time, so it made me want to get all the way up the next time.

This is unlike any other sport I've done before. I was out of my comfort zone, but exhilarated when I managed to complete a climb - or 'problem', as they're known in the bouldering world, although the level I did was more solution than problem. In terms of a workout, this certainly tested my ability to pull myself up and grip with my fingers, and I can already feel the ache in my arms.

I'm excited to go again! 

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  1. HAHA No way am I doing that. Glad you had a good time!! Xxxx