Tuesday, 25 November 2014

Countdown to Christmas

So, the world and his wife have been talking about how it's only a month to Christmas. Two things: I KNOW. And, it's my mum's birthday first! I'm not thinking about Christmas until after that! Sheesh. Everybody just calm it with the Christmas business already...

That said, I've nearly finished my shopping as I've been doing it gradually (I feel smug). Also, I've got the month of December off from teaching (aside from my private students), and I finish my CELTA on Thursday, so I have plenty of time to ride and gym and look fabulous for all the Christmas and New Year celebrations.

I searched on www.bodybuilding.com for a 3-day split programme and found Lee Labrada's 12-week Lean Body regime. I have plenty of ideas and programmes from The Smiling Assassin, but I've never done a 3-day split before so needed an imprint. I also think doing 3 days a week is more realistic, as I want to ride a lot this month, and also need to prep for the 4-week seasonal school I'm teaching on in January.

Today I did chest, shoulders and triceps at home. Day 1 is supposed to be back and biceps, but I want to add more back exercises for this workout, and for those I'll need to go to the gym to use the machines. As I've had a cracking headache all day, I decided I'd rather work out at home so I could stop straightaway if I felt worse (I get migraines)

I really wanted to work out but probably only gave 75% today. I still felt like I pushed myself and benefitted from exercising, though - after focusing for so long on the half marathon, I'm building my strength back up, so using 5kg for shoulder press felt heavy! I know it's not. Shut up. I also use 2kg for lat raises... I FIND THIS EXERCISE REALLY HARD OK?!?!

Here's the breakdown of what I did:

weight lifting, lee labrada
Chest, shoulders, triceps
Christmas is often a time when people let themselves go, but I have a January goal of 19% body fat to reach so can't afford/don't want to stuff myself. I think setting a goal for after Christmas and New Year helps you stay focused on what you're aiming for. I know many people will inevitably start diets and life changes in January, but why wait? I'm not going to abstain from treats and the occasional glass of Prosecco over the holidays, but I know that a month's worth of this diet isn't going to help me achieve my goals either.

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