Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Basingstoke Half Marathon: Training Post #3

We didn't run last week, which I massively regretted as soon as we left the house yesterday afternoon. We decided to run to my grandparents' house, 2.1 miles away, and back again (totalling 4.2 miles if you are as bad at maths as me).
The run there was a little difficult, as I still ached from the gym the day before. I managed 13 minutes before needing a 5 minute walk, and then it took just another 3 minutes of running to reach my grandparents' (21 minutes there). On reflection, this is incredibly annoying as I wish I'd pushed through it. Can't believe I couldn't even manage 2.1 miles!
We had a lovely refuelling snack of a banana and some cake. Thanks Grandma and Grandad!
Then we had to run back... Mentally, I was not in the right state, and running there I had wailed, "I don't wannaaaaaa, I'm tireeeeed". But the return run was horrid; every part of my body hurt, and I was running just to get home so I could collapse. Which I did, on all fours, on the driveway. I needed a 2 minute walk after 10 minutes, and then managed the final 8 minutes home (20 minutes back).
It felt like I was at the end of the half marathon, with nothing left, just running to reach the end. The final 8 minutes I kept telling myself that every step was a step closer to the end, and that I had managed 3 miles with no energy, and as we got nearer to home I pictured the finish line of the half and how I felt as I got closer and closer. I finally managed to get myself into the right mentality in those 8 minutes, which was a small victory after a terrible run.
I am disappointed, as it was the first time I've ever considered quitting. My whole body was agony afterwards, and I still hurt a lot today. I keep reminding myself that there were days during training for the last half marathon when I felt like I would never be able to run more than 3 miles.
A bit of a frustrated post, but I don't want to paint a picture that exercise is always amazing. Sometimes, when I read interviews with my favourite fitness models or watch fitness videos on YouTube, it seems that they never have a bad day or that every day of exercise is wondrous. But, to take something positive from this, Tuesday's bad run has reminded me to eat properly (and more), and to rest more (I had already trained Ernest in the morning for our Dressage competition next Saturday).
Our next run is Sunday, when we're going to train around part of the course.

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