Tuesday, 13 August 2013

Basingstoke Half Marathon: Training Post #4

Sunday 11th:
I was DREADING this run. I was still considering quitting the half marathon after Tuesday, but thought I'd try one last run to see if continuing training was going to be worthwhile or just another thing to get out of the way.
We chose a 5 mile route around part of the course, starting halfway between miles 3 and 4. It incorporated miles 4, 8, 9, 10 and back round mile 3 to our starting point. Here's the map:
I started really slowly, focusing on how beautiful the scenery was and listening to my earrings jangling about as I ran. Anything to distract me from the fact that, in half a mile, we would be running up what I considered to be the worst hill of the half marathon. I'd told myself it didn't matter if I didn't get all the way up, just aim for halfway, and with each training run I'd aim for a little further. I hadn't even managed to run all the way up during the actual half marathon last year, so I probably wouldn't be able to today!
Well, bloody hell, for the first time ever I ran all the way up! I obviously can't do this during the half but I ran part of it backwards when it got really tough, which helped. I still feel quite elated about that and I didn't even stop for a walk at the top.
We ran the first stint for 22.1 minutes, which was another achievement as so far we've not run more than 15 minutes in one go (I'm sure Maxx could but he's gentlemanly enough to stick with me). Then a 5 minute walk, then another 17.48 minutes to Cliddesden pond before another 5 minute walk. The final 3.15 minutes was in the middle of Cliddesden hill, which was quite a tough finish but I'm glad we did it.
So, back in the game. Next run is just 3 miles, then probably the same 5 mile route on Thursday.

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  1. Don't give up! Well done on running up that hill! Stick with it :)