Thursday, 29 August 2013

Basingstoke Half Marathon: Training Post #5

After an intentional two-week break, during which I continued to debate whether to run the half marathon, we threw ourselves back into the "game" (the least fun game ever, aside from netball), on Sunday 25th.

We chose a 6-mile loop around the course, which included Cliddesden hill and the 1-mile-long hill from miles 6 to 7. We ran:
17 minutes 45 seconds
5 minute walk
15 minutes 30 seconds
5 minute walk
8 minutes 30 seconds (this was the long hill up)
5 minute walk
and finally 11 minutes to finish, which involved running back down Cliddesden hill.
I'm pleased with how I did - I say "I" because I know Maxx finds this easier than me, but is gentlemanly enough not to leave me behind - because I've been fighting that horrible voice in the head which puts you off the task ahead before you've even begun. Sometimes exercise becomes another thing to do, another item on the list to get over with, and so having a break makes you actually miss it and therefore want to do it for pleasure.


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