Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Happy New Year!

I hope you all had a fun-filled New Year's Eve and didn't have a horrific hangover the following day. I feel very smug about the fact I did not have a hangover - responsible drinking f-yeah!
This year, I don't have resolutions, I have aims (even though my housemate cruelly recommended I resolve to wash my hair more because of this one time I didn't wash it for a week).
  • Continue clean eating; I found this really worked for weight and fat loss, my skin was a lot better and my sugar cravings were drastically reduced. So I'd like to clean-eat for at least five days a week.
  • Run another half-marathon; as I mentioned before, I ran my first one in October. My running partner and I are thinking about Reading Half in March.
  • Reduce body fat to 18%; the last time I was measured it was 25%. My trainer and I have decided 18% would be a good, and more importantly healthy, aim.
I would put a few horse-riding aims up, but given 2012 I've learnt that I really, truly cannot control everything. There are a couple of competitions in February and March I would love to do, and if Ernest is fit and well then I'll enter them. They're called Combined Training, which involves doing a dressage test and jumping a showjumping round. We won one back in 2008 with a crackin' score of 74% in the Dressage. Obviously I have no aims to win, it would just be great to compete!
I also graduate this year, and am aiming for a first, but I think realistically I'm not going to get one. I haven't mentioned it before, but I'm doing a Single Honours English degree. I really enjoy it, and the University of Winchester has some fantastic lecturers in the Arts Faculty, although one of my favourites is on a research sabbatical this coming semester :(
Thankfully, my other favourite lecturer is my dissertation supervisor. Whom I will be seeing a lot of over the coming couple of months (have I used 'whom' correctly? Embarrassing if I haven't....)!!
Do you have any resolutions or aims for 2013?
PS - I'm going to make some changes to my blog and it's appearance over the next couple of weeks, so I apologise if it looks a bit scruffy for a while! I'm going to broaden my writing scope to more general topics, including book/film/music reviews, and maybe some fashion. Fitness will still feature a lot, but I have a lot to say on everything and I can do it here ;)

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