Tuesday, 15 January 2013

Warrior - Ke$ha

Recently, I had a mini-rave about Ke$ha's debut album, Animal. Having received a £30.00 Itunes voucher for Christmas (thanks Dad), I decided to start crossing off CDs from my wishlist.
I had a splurge, and bought:
No Doubt - Tragic Kingdom (oldie but a goldie)
Linkin Park - Meteora (one of my favourite albums from one of my favourite bands)
Fun - Some Nights (seeing them in April, exciteeeed)
and, of course, Ke$ha's Warrior. It's not super new, released on 30th November 2012, but after my excessive listening of Animal, I thought it would be worth it. The second single, C'mon, has only just been released, the first being Die Young, which my housemates and I love.
Overall rating: ***
Best song: I really can't decide between Thinking Of You, Die Young and Only Wanna Dance With You.
Worst song: Dirty Love with Iggy Pop. It's just rubbish! No offence Ke$ha, I love you.

Not as good as her first album, but definately worth buying. Any album is worth buying if the lyrics include genius lines such as "I'm over it/So suck my dick"; Ke$ha definately has a therapeutic and rather original way of writing about ex-boyfriends. Catchy songs, perfect for getting ready to go out to, although Wonderland and Love Into The Light are less popped up and more thoughtful.

I've just gone back to Uni so things are mental, I've finished applying for my master's in Canada, I have a new boyfriend who lives in France (I went on an adFRENCHure last week which was super fun - I went karting, which is terrifying), and I have 11 weeks to finish my dissertation. But I will endeavour to write once a week. Back on the clean eating too.


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