Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sunday Riding: Steventon

Sunday is considered a day to relax, whether that's by reading a book all day, going on a 10-mile run, or visiting family. For me, there is no better way to chill out and reflect on the week just past, and ponder the week ahead, than a calm hack around the countryside.
I'm lucky enough in the first place to have a wondrous steed, and the bonus is being able to ride in such a beautiful area. Today I went around Steventon, which is famed as "Jane Austen" country. The route is 4.5 miles (I know this because I ran it when training for the 2012 half marathon), but it's what you see that makes it such a lovely ride.
Ernest, my pony, is quite an inquisitive bean, so hacking around is always fun, because he likes to see what's going on behind the hedges or over people's garden gates. Today, we had a good look at the new extension The House on the Corner has finally had finished - I don't mean we actually trespassed! Just on a pony you get to see a lot more - and admired the fluffy sheep grazing in the fields by J.J Bown's dairy.
Today, I needed the fresh air and clarity that being around Ernest gives me. I've been getting anxious about finding a good job in the publishing industry, and sometimes it's quite overwhelming just how much I want it. I go over interview questions in my head while mucking out for goodness' sake, so it was refreshing to go for a wander today and think about the natural world around me for a while.
If you like going on country walks, this quaint and quiet village is certainly a lovely place to go. It is also popular with cyclists and riders, like myself, and you can often see buzzards and their babies flying overhead.

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