Sunday, 24 November 2013

Sunday Riding: The Woods

What a week. I start my final week of work experience tomorrow, and can’t believe how quickly it’s gone.
As I mentioned in my last post on riding, it’s a time for me to reflect and gain some clarity on the things that have been chasing round my head in the week.
We went out today as it was getting dark, so I decided to take Ernest around the woods at the back of the stables. I love this time of day, as it’s peaceful and quiet, and there are deer normally wandering around. True to form, Ernest and I saw four deer. I was lost in my thoughts about the week to come, during which I have a super important interview, when we turned on to a different path and there, stood in the middle, was a stag.
I love these animals; I find them so graceful, and enjoy watching them jump over the undergrowth. We see them so often in the woods that Ernest doesn’t even jump when he sees them now! It was a pleasant way to be jerked out of my thoughts and appreciate the beautiful autumnal scene. The floor is carpeted completely at the moment with orange and brown leaves, making a very satisfying crunching noise when walked on.
This coming week will be all about preparation. My mum kindly bought me a new shirt and new trousers, both from Next, to really stand out in my interview, so at least I can go there looking professional even if inside I’m a bag of nerves!

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