Thursday, 7 November 2013

Work experience!

I've finally started my work experience! My first day was Tuesday (Maxx's birthday). I have to admit, I was quite nervous and apprehensive about travelling up to London every day, and I know it's only been three days but so far it is not bad at all. It also gives me 50 minutes in the morning and late afternoon to read, which is just perfect.
I arrive at Goodge Street at 9:00am, thirty minutes early, and sit just around the corner from the office in Pod, to chill out and gather my thoughts after the commute.
The journey's really easy: fast train to Waterloo (45/50 minutes), tube to Goodge Street (10 minutes), then 5 minutes walk to the office.
But that's not what you want to know. I'm undertaking work experience with 3PM Magazine Subscriptions for four weeks. So far, we (there's not just me) have been writing reviews for the magazines on the site. They are from a variety of publishers - IPC, Bauer, Dennis Publishing etc - so there are literally hundreds to review.
I've written reviews of Your Horse, Practical Sheep, Goats & Alpacas, Oxygen, Spirit & Destiny, When Jack Sued Jill - Nursery Rhymes For Modern Times, The Greatest Olympic Athlete: 1948 to Now, and Art Business Today. In THREE DAYS. I'm really, really enjoying it, because we have to research the publication first, the follow a template, and use creative skills to really sell the magazine to potential subscribers. My name is, of course, on all the reviews, and there is a link on my name to this blog!
There are a couples of other tasks we've done but this is my main role so far. I sit apart from the other work experience girls, but I've been making friends with the ladies opposite and gleaning some interesting information about their time in publishing. They are both veggie and loves animals; good start! More importantly we can talk easily so it's a comfortable, friendly atmosphere.
I'll write next about some amusing games I've been playing on my commute!
Bon nuit

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