Monday, 25 November 2013

Commuting Games

Happy Monday evening. This week is off to a cracking start! Two very exciting opportunities materialized today; nothing is concrete, but it's still a really interesting time for me career-wise. I will be able to tell you in a couple of weeks. As well as these happenings, I finally met Sam Rider from Men's Fitness. The lady managing my work experience sat up the meeting with him this morning, so at 11.00am up we went to see him. Sam was really informative and approachable; I was so hyped up after meeting him, and talking with the current intern. I've finally met a VIP from my favourite UK magazine! And I went to the gym tonight! I feel like Superwoman.

Now on to something much more frivolous...

Sometimes travelling to work can be a bit of a bore. Being squished three in a row does not allow for much elbow room, so working on a laptop or reading a book can be uncomfortable, and sometimes, I just don't want to look at a screen or page of text.
So, I’ve invented some games you can play if you too commute daily…

Invent A Life
Humans are mysterious and there’s always more than meets the eye. Choose the most average-looking person – no, this is not about aethestics, I mean someone who doesn’t have any outstanding features or is wearing flamboyant clothes – and invent a life for them! I mean something so ridiculous that it almost could be possible. How many children? None, but 14 dogs. Works at Cadburys but is allergic to chocolate. Is wearing a Spiderman suit under the normal suit. Silly, wonderful, and plain bizarre. The point is to entertain yourself, using a blank canvas! 
Theme Tune
You can use your last candidate for this, or pick a new one. Don’t spend too long choosing, and once you’ve done, think of the first song that comes into your head. You’ve now endowed that person with their own theme tune.
My housemates and I played this once at a restaurant; we were looking out the window and just burst into song upon seeing a stranger walking past. When on the train, try not to look at that person while humming or mouthing the words - that's just weird.
Nosy Parker
Once, I saw a man sit and watch two other men talking. His head was moving between the speakers as if he was watching a ping pong match. I was so amazed at his completely lack of discretion I ended up staring at him.
If you too are a bit of a Nosy Parker like the aforementioned, stop what you're doing and just listen to someone's conversation. See how long it takes before you're invited into the discussion!
Hopefully these will keep you entertained during your journey. Alternatively, you could try having a train-nap, but make sure to leave a note pinned to your lapel kindly requesting somebody wakes you up at your stop.

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