Sunday, 1 December 2013

New PT Workout: #2


From the 9th - 20th, I'm doing work experience with Men's Fitness!! And in February, I'm doing an editorial internship for 2 months with Oneworld Publications.
On Friday 29th, my mum's pet hedgehoggy Lola had a baby chog! It's really white and makes cute little squeaking noises. I'll take some photos shortly.

Now on to some fitness business. I've been doing this workout once a week since the 21st October and have already seen a huge difference in muscle tone and strength. It's the hardest workout I've done so far but, actually, the most enjoyable.
So here it is... my hardest workout to date!
Warm up: 10 minute run/hill walk
Bulgarian split squat, 4kg - 20 reps
DB Chest Press, 6kg - 15 reps
Deadlifts, 20kg - 20 reps
Lunge and rotate, 7kg - 20 reps
Assisted pull ups, 14kg - 20 reps
Leg press, 70kg - 20 reps
DB alternative shoulder press, 4kg - 20 reps
Mountain climbers - 20 reps
Crocodiles on TRX - 20 reps
Get into the plank position, and crunch your knee up towards your arm. You'll look like Spiderman climbing up a wall.
Overhead tricep extension, 7kg - 15 reps
Suitcase crunches, 2kg medicine ball - 20 reps
Lie on your back holding the ball. Go into a crunch with your arms outstretched and bring in alternative knees to your chest. That's ten reps each leg. 
Prone cobra - 30 seconds
Lie on your front and raise your legs and arms off the floor. This will work your lower back.
Do 2 sets, 3 if you have superstrength.
Cool down: 10 minute walk.
If you're doing this at home, I changed:
deadlifts to bent over rows
leg press to squats
crocodiles on TRX to crocodiles not on TRX

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