Saturday, 28 December 2013

Christmas Eve Ride

I hope everyone had a Merry Christmas with their friends and family! We had a very full house this year, as Maxx's family came over from France. I've been thoroughly spoilt as always, and was very lucky as my Christmas Day Ride around the village of North Waltham was in lovely weather. There were runners and riders everywhere, taking advantage of the pleasant morning. Ernest was in good spirits too, and was treated to some polos when I turned him out (he then stalked me out of the field trying to get the rest of the packet).

Now, to backtrack a little, Monday 23rd was horrendous, as I'm sure everyone can remember. However, Christmas Eve was beautiful! I went for a ride around the Steventon/Micheldever area, which I call the "Warren Farm ride" as I, surprise surprise, pass Warren Farm! Although Ernest didn't want to stand still after being in his stable all of the day before, I managed to get some beautiful photos, including a very dramatic one of Ernest's hair blowing in the wind.

I hope these pictures encourage you to get outside while the weather is nice!

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