Saturday, 1 February 2014

January Round Up

Yes everyone is writing about January and what happened during the wettest month on record, blee blah bloo. But it's a good time to evaluate the goals you optimistically set 31 days ago, so I'm writing about it too.

My aims (detailed list here) were:

  1. Get a career job
  2. Don't dye my hair
  3. Compete in SJ
  4. Run another half marathon
  5. Improve my French
  6. Visit a new country
  7. Lower my body fat.

I've certainly not been lazy in my pursuit of finding a career job, and I have been shortlisted for an editorial assistant role. I'm nervous and excited, and crossing all my digits that I get through the first round - if not, I'll have to be stoic, but at least I was actually shortlisted rather than completely ignored this time! Cross your everythings for me...

Not dying my hair has been painful, especially since one of my students has beautifully vibrant red hair. Oh the temptation... 

Last week was my first showjumping lesson of the year, working on turns rather than height. We've actually been doing excellently with our dressage, finally finally achieving medium trot which I believe would get a good 7/10 in a test. His medium canter is his strength of the two moves, but now I'm pumping him with energy-giving nutrients, it's just transformed his movement (I know that sounds really dramatic but trust me, I've been blown away by how much better he's training and how much more energy he has to do the harder work). It's been like riding a rocking horse in the canter, all up in front and bouncy like a real dressage pony. 
When you think of a pony trotting, that's working trot. Medium trot is when you ask for a lengthened stride. It's often mistaken for going faster. Extended trot is an even bigger stride, when the leg is really extended out in front.

I've been for one run this year so far. Given the weather, I'm not too worried about this, but I do need to start scheduling a weekly run. Self-kick up butt.

I've not been actively studying French so I probably haven't improved, but I would like to take up lessons again once I start working full-time.

Maxx has told me he's taking me to Berlin for our next holiday! So excited! We just need to decide when we're going. 

Last month, I ate better consistently and worked out more, and can definitely see that I am getting more slender. I've started cooking more and researching healthy dessert recipes, so look out for my attempt at making peanut butter protein balls!

This month, I would like to get out to a competition and get that job!

How was your January? What are you hoping to achieve this month?


PS - get a copy of Men's Fitness, March 2014 issue. Not only is it a great magazine and you should buy it anyway, but some of my work is in there! My big feature on road running shoes comes out next month... so buy that one too.

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