Sunday, 26 January 2014

First ever HIIT workout

For some reason, I've never done a HIIT workout before, even though it became quite a craze and a few friends have told me I'd enjoy it.

I hit bodyevolutionoc on Instagram to find a workout I could do at home, and found one which looked suitable for a first timer. Two things: not only is this page amazingly full of HIIT workouts using a variety of equipment and moves, but it also features some delicious clean recipes. I would strongly recommend following this page!

So, I picked a workout described as suitable for doing anywhere, anytime, as no equipment at all was required. All I had to do was 3 sets of:

Mountain climbers, 1 minute
Push up/elbow plank, 15 reps (I could not do this in full plank)
Jumps, 1 minute (she jumped on to a wall, but as there's no wall in my garden I used my bosu ball instead)
Split squats, 15-20 reps each leg (actually these were Bulgarian split squats, as she had one leg resting on the aforementioned wall)

Holy wow, this was hard. I was sweating and panting and sweating and panting, and I had a brief break in between sets! I really was amazed at how such a short workout could make me feel so exhausted, and will definitely be doing more HIIT!


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