Monday, 6 January 2014

First Workout of 2014

My trainer really gave new meaning to 'post-workout shake' today. A new year called for a new workout, and this one seriously rivals the title for hardest workout ever. I'm also pleased because my deadlift weight has gone up from 20kg to 25kg! A modest increase, but an increase nonetheless.

So here it is... 

Run - 10 mins

DB squats, 8kg kettlebell - 15 reps
Deadlifts, 25kg barbell/12.5kg DB each hand - 15 reps
Side lunge, 3kg med ball - 20 reps
Kettlebell swing, 8kg kettlebell (well obviously) - 15 reps
Bridge (this is good if you have back problems) - 15 reps
Side step jumps - 10 reps

DB chest flyes, 5kg - 15 reps
Assisted pull ups, 14kg - 15 reps
DB single arm row (my trainer said "we'll use 8s,", promptly handing me a 9), 9kg - 15 reps
DB diagonal raise (this works the rotator cuff), 4kg - 20 reps
TRX rollout - 15 reps
Med ball crunches, 3kg - 20 reps
Back extensions - 20 reps

Cool down:
Walk - 5 mins

You do each circuit, of upper and lower, 3 times, although we ran out of time so I only did upper twice today.

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