Monday, 13 January 2014

Progress Pics

I was doing so well with not being a terrible blogger. A couple of my family members weren't well this week so I have been justifiably preoccupied, but it also means I have a few posts to write about interesting things I've been doing/reading (particularly reading).

Today, my trainer kindly took some photos of me during my workout. After her comments on my back last week, I was a wee bit curious to see if it's looking as good as she said it is. I felt a bit of a goose having my photo taken when clearly I'm not Jamie Eason or Andrea Brazier, but it's actually a really motivating way to monitor progress.

So here are some progress pics (even though you don't actually have any others to compare with...derp whatever)...

Chest fly, also known as Preying Mantis

Deadlift 25kg

I'm not even going to lie about how proud I am of my back definition. I know the middle one is blurry but hey, action shot.

I would like to point out how horrible my hair colour is and how painful it is not dying it.


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  1. Well done Pipwidgeon! You're totally ripped....