Wednesday, 22 January 2014

Deadlift increase

Just a brief and slightly boastful update...

Do you remember when I told you that my trainer had included 8kg single arm rows as part of my latest programme, then handed me a 9? Well, on Monday, she picked up the bar and handed it to me, where we both commented on how heavy it felt. I hadn't eaten my usual mammoth amount that day and supposed it was just me being a delicate flower.

After completing two sets of 15 reps, we both realised that the weight was in fact 30kg, not 25kg. In less than a month I've increased my deadlift 10kg!

I may have mentioned before that deadlifting makes me feel like a real pro, that I know what I'm doing in the gym. I don't know why, I just always associate gym experts with being able to complete extremely heavy deadlifts. It's one of my favourite moves, so I'm really proud to be lifting over half my body weight now.

Please continue to excuse the bad design on this blog - I'm getting it professionally redesigned in February, so I'm hoping by March it will have a spangly and sassy new "coat".

Happy Wednesday!

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