Wednesday, 1 January 2014

New Year, Better Me

Happy New Year everyone! I hope you had a good evening - if the poker chips from last night were real money, I'd be very rich by now. I had the luckiest hand all night, and won when we went all in on the last game. I love poker when I win.

Typically, most of the statuses on my Facebook have been detailing people's aspirations, resolutions and aims for 2014. I applaud this, as aiming for something is better than aiming for nothing, and if using the start of a new year urges people to get going, well good.

I used to be a big fan of resolutions, which from about the age of 13 always included 'swear less'. However, I don't think I'm that terrible as a person and I don't want to cut all my hair off, so I'm going on the 'New Year, Better Me' rather than 'New Year, New Me'. Here is a list of meaningful, and one trivial, things I would like to achieve this year:

get a 'career' job in the publishing industry - I'm aiming for editorial assistant but Men's Fitness really opened my eyes to a career in journalism. Either way, I would like to be in a stable, good job. Soon.

Not important:
don't dye my hair for a whole year. This is probably  definitely going to be harder than getting a career job.

compete in showjumping competitions again! I'd love to get back up to 3ft but I'd rather take our time and just enjoy getting back out there again.

run another half marathon - preferably Basingstoke so I can beat my time of 2 hours 7 minutes from 2012.

improve my French. Without living in France, it would be almost impossible to become fluent, and while I can speak at conversational level I would like to see a big improvement in fluency. 

Kind of important but dependent on #1:
visit a new country. I love travelling, and if I can afford to, in the latter half of the year I would love to go to Germany or Ireland. I visited Dresden for a day in 2004, but would love to explore more of Germany, and I've wanted to go to Ireland for a long time as apparently it's a beautiful place.

lower my body fat to 18% by February, and generally increase my weights. I'd love to be able to deadlift 50kg, but as I'm only on 20kg at the moment I think I'll need longer than a year... I will probably aim to lower my bf again, after an informed discussion with my personal trainer, as I'm so nearly there now and there is definitely room for healthy improvement. 

Let me know what you want to achieve this year!

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