Monday, 7 April 2014

Guest Post: How Pip Got into Riding, by Mandy Jones

Here is a short story set many years ago, during what is known as Pre-Pony Times

My son, Gaz, had a rabbit whom I needed to buy hay for, so one day I gaily went off to Petsmart to buy said hay. Whilst I was queuing to pay, a stranger came up to me and said:

“Ooh, you don't want to pay that for your hay, come with me and I can sell you some for half the price and you’ll get a lot more.”

I should have said NO....... But I didn't! Off we went to her house - she mentioned horses, so I said that Pips’ Auntie was going to take her to horse riding lessons.

Big mistake!

“Well,” said the strange women, “I just so happen to have a little pony who needs a rider.”

I picked up Pip, who went off with Eileen to meet this pony. All I could hear were two batty females cooing over – what I considered to be – a very ugly pony.

“What's her name?” Pip asked.


This was followed by more cooing.

“Oh yes, I want to ride and look after her, she's so beautiful!” More cooing.

I explained, slightly baffled, “But I know NOTHING about horses…”

“Oh, it's easy!” said Eileen.

And there you have it – Lucky taught us so much and changed Pips’ life forever!

R.I.P Lucky Silver Dollar

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