Monday, 28 April 2014

New PT Workout: #5

I have put on 1.5 inches around my waist. I blame Easter and filling my gluttonous mouth hole with chocolate every 5.2 seconds... But still, that's quite a feat in 2 weeks. Thankfully, my body fat hasn't increased but I'm still stuck at 19.64%. 

After accidentally missing my session last Tuesday, I was excited to start a new programme today. My Dad recently renamed Michelle, my trainer, 'The Smiling Assassin', which was highly appropriate after today's session. I still feel a bit delirious!

Warm-up: interval run, 10 mins

Circuit 1 - Lower Body (3 sets)
Walking lunges with 15kg barbell - 20 reps
Squats with 15kg barbell - 12 reps

Deadlift with 25kg barbell - 12 reps 

Leg extension 17.5kg - 12 reps 
Leg curl 15kg - 12 reps

Circuit 2 - Upper Body (3 sets)
DB bench press with 6kg - 12 reps
Single arm row with 9kg - 12 reps

Kettlebell snatch with 8kg - 10 reps
Lateral raises with 3 kg - 12 reps

Skull crushers with 4kg - 12 reps

Circuit 3 - Abs (3 sets)
The Matrix - 15 reps
Cross body crunches - 20 reps
Russian twist - 20 reps

Cool down, stretch, and collapse on floor.
Programme designed by Michelle Maxwell of

I have no doubt, now I've got my eating back into order, that I'll lose those sneaky 1.5 inches, especially as I'll be doing this plan 2-3 times a week. I said "I think I'm going to shit myself" about 5 times during the first circuit, as well as a certain profanity which rhymes with 'duck' about 700 times throughout. It was painful, but I really enjoyed knowing that I'd pushed myself as hard as I could during circuit 1 - we ran out of time so just did circuits 2 and 3 once.

As recommended by Michelle, I'm going to split the circuits into Upper and Lower days with abs on both. I'm hoping to do upper and abs on Thursday.

Wish me luck, as I'm not sure I'll be able to walk tomorrow... 

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