Tuesday, 1 April 2014

March Round Up

Happy April Fool’s Day (although the time for jesting has now past). It’s my chest’s 3rd anniversary today as well – for those of you who didn’t know I had plastic surgery… now you do. I still believe it was an excellent decision and I’m very happy with my bosom.

March was an exciting month – lots of things happened, including the old Mump episode…

Some fantastic working opportunities have arisen, which I am incredibly grateful for - I’m set to have a very busy and exciting summer, with lots of teaching throughout and a two-week placement at Sweet & Maxwell (leading law publisher) in June. Nothing permanent in publishing yet, but at least the teaching is paid! Unfortunately I didn’t get the other job, but I was informed that my application was very strong and asked if I wanted to be put forward for another role – I said no as it isn’t the area I want to get into and feel I should stay focused.

I was sorely tempted to dye my hair dark brown after watching The Hunger Games (why did I not watch this before? It’s one of my favourite films now!), but then I wonder if I should go Ernest’s colour – strawberry blonde. I haven’t dyed it yet although my resistance is failing…

As we’re going to France in April, I’ve started practising my French more, but it’s very easy to lapse back into speaking English. When I’m working full-time I want to have private lessons again as I made such an improvement before. Maybe when I’m good enough I can write blog posts in French and English! I’ve considered taking a GCSE as something to aim for, but again, once I can commit to regular lessons I will think about this again.

SJ Competitions
My entry for a March dressage competition didn’t arrive, so we didn’t go out last month. I don’t think we did any SJ schooling, either! On the non-competition front, I’ve decided to move stables. This was not an easy decision and I thought about it for a good six weeks before even looking at another home for Ernest – however, I do feel I’ve made the right choice for both of us, and am now looking forward to moving. The owner of the new place has two Great Danes – one is 90kg. I don’t know if I’ve ever mentioned, but I bloody love dogs. So much.

The new stables are 3 miles from the house, so my plan is to run there once a week. As I said last month, I run and sprint during my warm ups for the gym, but I’m focused on weights at the moment. The April issue of Men’s Fitness has an excellent article on hybrid training – I’ve often heard lengthy runs can be detrimental to building muscle mass, but it seems that is not the case! Also, check out the guide to the latest road running shoes – I wrote it!

Body Fat
I don’t hold much hope of my body fat decreasing as I couldn’t work out for half the month. That said, I bought my first proper crop top from American Apparel last week – and if I say so myself, it looks pretty ab-ulous. I played badminton in it on Friday and it was really comfortable! I’m getting my body fat measured next Monday, so will post an update then.

New Country
We’re going to Berlin in June! We moved our holidays earlier as it’s between my teaching periods – I’m teaching April to May then July to September – so it’s a nice break after the first period and will allow me some rest before starting the next. I’m so excited. We’ve been looking at places to visit – there’s so much to see! As we’re going for a week, I suggested we each pick the top five places we’d like to go to. We made a flexible schedule for Rome last year and managed to see all-but-one of the attractions. I can’t wait to hang out with Maxx and explore a new place – I think it’s going to be quite poignant, as there are several memorials for the Holocaust victims which I’d like to pay my respects at.

How was your March? Are you enjoying the Spring flowers and lighter evenings as much as me? What do you want to achieve in April?



  1. It takes a lot of courage to admit that one has gone under the knife, so I salute you for sharing your story. I believe everyone has the right to feel beautiful, in whatever way they choose to be. Anyway, you got an amazing story. I hope you're settling nicely on your current location. Wishing you all the best!

    Cordell Legaspi @ Boston Cosmetic Surgery Center

    1. Morning Cordell, thank you for your comment! I’m always very honest about my op and hope that people feel encouraged by this – there’s nothing to be ashamed of. I couldn’t be happier with the results and it’s definitely boosted my self-esteem – I feel like a woman now and that, to me, is invaluable.
      I’m really excited that you’re reading from Boston! How did you come across my blog?
      Take care and thanks again for reading :)