Monday, 31 March 2014

Pony Tales: "There's Someone Here To See You."

On the 14th August 2002, the plane touched down in London at around 7:00am. Over the monitor, the pilot wished me a happy 12th birthday. We’d just come back from 2 weeks in the Bahamas, staying at the luxurious Hotel Atlantis. My parents handed me a small square box with Swarovski written on it - while wandering around the shops situated inside the hotel, I’d been attracted to a tiny Swarovski anteater ornament. I didn’t intend for my parents to buy it for me, I just liked looking at it.

I don’t remember the mundane activities at the airport – getting off the plane, collecting our luggage, driving home – because I was probably focused on seeing my pony, Lucky. We’d been loaning her from the owner of the stables since 1998, although a tendon injury meant she couldn’t be ridden anymore.

The weather was pleasantly warm. I was in the club room when my brother, Gaz, opened the door and told me: ‘There’s someone here to see you.’ I was mildly surprised as I had no idea who would be visiting me, so walked past the stables, past a trailer which had just parked up, and into the car park.

“Who? I can’t see anyone?” I asked.

“No, behind you!”

I looked behind me. Gaz lifted me into the air – at 14, he wasn’t quite the 6ft2 giant he is now so I could only just see inside, but when I saw that ginger ear with a little white spot on the tip, I knew who it was.

14th August 2002

I knew my parents had bought Ernest before we went on holiday, but his arrival on my birthday was a wonderful surprise. This year marks our 12th anniversary, but I still remember that moment as vividly as the day it happened – Ernest has many beautiful markings, but it may not surprise you to know that his ear spot is my favourite.

30th March 2014

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