Monday, 3 March 2014

I Hate Being Ill / Things To Do When You're Ill

Today, I am grumpy.

As in, childishly grumpy, and ever-so-slightly petulant. My stomach has decided to throw a wobbly and is incredibly painful and unnecessarily rounded, as if I was carrying a small baby elephant inside it. Every few months this happens, except this time the pills my doctor gave me aren't working.

Sometimes, being ill can be quite nice: snuggled up in bed with that cuddly toy no one knows you still sleep with, drinking tea, being cared for by your grandparents and wearing PJs all day. Well, today is not one of those days. I want to be at my internship, learning and reading and talking to the funny publicity team (funny haha, not funny in the head).

I love my house, and being around my greyhounds all day. But I'm very antsy, as I feel guilty for being at home even though I'm genuinely ill (I never got this feeling when I was off school... funny that). So, to combat these feelings and stop myself going crazy until Maxx comes home and can play The Big Bang Theory Cluedo, I've compiled a list of things to do:

  • Look at pictures of greyhounds on Instagram
  • Look at pictures of muscly people on Instagram
  • Snapchat my friends pictures of my swollen belly
  • Fuss my dogs
  • Read the blogs I follow
  • Show a vague interest in the Oscars
  • Drink a lot of tea
  • Play TBBT Cluedo by myself  that's a silly idea, forget I said that
  • Sleep
  • Tidy my room what is happening to me?!
  • Paint my nails
  • Help my mum with her dissertation

Other things which seem to be popular 'ill hobbies' include:
  • taking a bath
  • moisturizing your entire body
  • watching TV all day
  • watching Disney films all day
  • reading
  • eating unhealthy food pas possible with my tumtum
  • sweating

I hope you are all well and having a productive Monday. I'm off to the doctors, ta ta!


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  1. Haha, I don't think your bear is a secret ;) hope you're feeling better soon Pipwidgeon! xxxxx