Monday, 17 March 2014

New PT Workout: #4

I am SO GLAD I'm going back to my internship tomorrow. I'm starting to feel human again and am ready to get back to London. 

I wanted to post this last Monday, but felt a bit of a fraud writing about fitness when I was facing a second week off from working out. I've actually been doing this programme since February 10th, but I'll continue for an extra couple of weeks to make up for the sessions I missed.

Warm-up: 10-15 minutes hill walk/sprint

Goblet squat 20 reps x 3 sets
Mountain climbers 20 x 3
Single arm kettlebell swing 20 x 3
Press ups 15 x 3
Pop squats 15 x 3
DB single arm row 15 x 3
DB side lunge and touch 20 x 3
Kettlebell snatch 10 x 3
DB lunge and rotate 20 x 3
DB squat and press 15 x 3
Long arm crunches 20 x 3
Jackknife 20 x 3

Warm down: 5 minute walk & stretch

This workout has a couple of moves I've never done before: pop squats and kettlebell snatches. I foolishly thought they would be easy as I don't do these with a weight: wrong. They are really effective, proving you don't always need to throw weights around to get results. Just your own weight!

I've also joined's BodySpace: PJones90 (original indeed). Add me! I'd love to chat endlessly about fitness, nutrition, weights and, most importantly, how great it is to have a muscular back.


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