Saturday, 1 March 2014

February Round Up

This last month has seen less astonishing amounts of rain and more temperate weather, which means Ernest can soon change into his lightweight rugs (because that’s how you determine seasons, by which outfit a pony is wearing – duh).

I had the pleasure of teaching a lovely group of Korean students from mid-January to early February, whom I truly miss and hope to visit in 2015/16. I learnt in summer 2013 how tiring teaching really is, but seeing my students every weekday really brightened me up when I was feeling exhausted.

On the 17th, I started an eight-week internship at Oneworld Publications. I cannot describe how much I am enjoying myself. I get a frisson of excitement opening the cupboards in Publicity’s office; it’s full of stacked books with colourful covers and interesting titles. The people are approachable, answering my questions and giving advice, and the work is interesting, confirming my insatiable desire to work in this industry. There’s a sense of secrecy when reading an unpublished manuscript, as I’ve been required to do when assisting the editorial department. I feel like I’m guarding a religious object, something sacred and untouched that must be protected carefully. This work experience has shown me how the publishing process works – it’s been like a glimpse behind the stage curtain, but rather than removing the mystery and making it seem mundane, it makes it more exciting.

Still no permanent job in site, though.

Hair colour abstinence
I’m still growing out my hair colour. I now have about an inch of re-growth, which thankfully doesn’t look too hideous. I am starting to feel intrigued about what my hair will look like after a year of no dying. It’s certainly in better condition, but that could also be the fabulous cut my hairdresser gave me, as well as my Aveda hair products.

During a common row over which Harry Potter house we would be in, I managed to say to Maxx (in French) that he resembled a badger (thus putting him in Hufflepuff – actually turns out we’re both Gryffindors. Not that there’s anything wrong with Hufflepuff). That, to me, is an improvement. We’re visiting France in Easter for an anniversary party, so I would love for Maxx’s family to see a sizeable improvement in my French. It’s hard being a mute for 5 days.

Competitions, SJ or otherwise
I’ve still not entered any competitions, but have begun schooling regularly and having a weekly lesson. My plan for this weekend is to enter several competitions over the next few months, before other plans are made. I’m eager to compete, to see if the judges’ comments reflect the improvements in both of us.

Running… what is that?
Honestly, running’s not been on my mind as I’ve been enjoying weightlifting so much. The New Forest Festival of Running is coming up at the end of March, so I will need to get training if I want to run a 10K (6 miles).

Body (still) fat
That’s a joke - I know I’m not fat. But my BF is still the same, so an increase in cardio can only be a good thing to shift that last 1-and-a-bit %! Pleasingly, I am in the ‘Athletes’ category now.

New country
This won’t change until later in the year, but the plan is still to visit Berlin. Can’t. Wait. I recently completed a silly online quiz to see which European country I should live in – I got Norway, because apparently I’m tolerant (hmmm…), independent and reliable.

How was your February? Have you taken the aforementioned quiz?


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  1. This sounds like a magical month Pippy!
    That quiz is wrong - you're not tolerant. You're impatient and stubborn haha.
    love you xxx