Thursday, 20 March 2014

Spring has Sprung!

Strip off those layers! Take off those muddy boots! And I’m not just talking to all the horses and ponies out there - Happy First Day of Spring everybody! Happy Happiness Day!

I’ve been feeling ‘Springy’ since the beginning of this month - temperate weather, beautiful flowers blossoming like Yorkshire puddings in an oven, and Ernest changing rugs have all made me feel decidedly chirpier (except the whole Mumps incident of last week). I wish the weather could be like this all year round! Look at the daffodils bobbing their heads – they agree with me. Bob bob bob.

In honour of this glorious day, here are my top 5 reasons – from a fitness perspective - why Spring is the best…

Outdoor Sports
Who doesn’t fancy reliving the age of innocence, aka primary school, and playing a game of rounders? Spring is for outdoor sports, or, taking your sport outdoors – lift weights in the garden, do your HIIT circuit at the park, get off the treadmill and breathe the fresh air rather than your own sweaty body smell. Personally, I’m looking forward to seeing Ernest in daylight during the week!

Healthy Eating
Let’s do a role play: it’s mid-December. You’ve just got in from work. What do you go for, salad or stew? OK, let’s do another one: it’s mid-April. What do you go for, salad or stew? Alright, I would probably choose stew both times as well, but isn’t it easier to eat lighter and healthier (not that stew has to be unhealthy, but dumplings are so delicious) during the Spring and Summer months? 

Fitness Motivation
Either you kept up a healthy regime during Winter and are ready to show off your bod-ay, or you ate like one of the three little piggies and... well, aren't. Assuming most of us are in the latter category and still have some work to do, Spring is the perfect time to get fit and ready for Summer. It's easy to imagine our sexy bods with Summer six months away, but as it creeps ever closer, it's so much easier to get motivated and start working out ready for bikini season.

Yep, that's right - it's getting warmer, so it's going to get sweatier. Excellent news for obliterating your body fat, getting rid of nasty toxins and transforming into a not-so-dumb-belle (or not-so-dumb-boy - I don't discriminate). Don't want to work up a sweat? You're probably on the wrong blog, my friend.

Energy Levels
This does not need explaining. Anyone else guilty of going to bed in Winter at 7:00pm? On a Saturday night? Begone Winter hibernation, hello Spring nights!

Maxx and Ernest last Sunday.

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