Sunday, 9 March 2014

My blog has a new face!

I can't even begin to describe how poopy I feel. I have allergy belly (doctors keep referring to it as IBS so I'm assuming that's all confirmed now) and I woke up this morning with a swollen gland by my left ear that keeps throbbing, as if to remind me it's still there! I got that, gland, by the fact that one side of my head is fatter than the other!

That's my explanation as to why I've not blogged this weekend. It was International Women's Day yesterday, which I wanted to post about, but it's not timely anymore. I hope you all celebrated the important women in your life, the ones who made you who you are today - if you're a horrible person, blame them. Just kidding, it's probably your fault if you're a meanie. 

But... that's not why we're here. Back in January I started the ball rolling with getting my blog redesigned. It's finally finished! Peaches and Cream designs has done a stellar job transforming my space from basic to bootylicious. 

When I had to fill out a questionnaire to get an idea of my design inspiration, colours that I liked etc, I had no idea what to say - I believe the only thing I wrote was "not red. I don't like red". Ana has done an incredible amount of work, creating a blog I am now proud to put on my CV (under 'Interests', FYI). I was particularly impressed by her ability to create a logo, based on a very childishly and badly drawn sketch I made. 

We regularly kept in contact, sometimes just to have a chat, and I was updated at every stage of the process. Seeing the finished product is really special, because it's a custom design that no one else will have. It's a really personal design, and I was so pleased that Ana managed to use my photo of Ernest's colour to create the banner. It was no mean feat for Ana to do this, as I barely knew what I was after!

I would recommend Peaches and Cream designs to everyone, as Ana clearly has the talent to create something truly wonderful with barely any direction. 

I hope you like my blog's new 'face'! Let me know what you think in the comments box below.


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