Thursday, 13 March 2014

Pony Tales: Has Spring 2014 arrived?

This wasn't the original Pony Tale I was going to share with you, but as I had such a beautiful ride today I thought I'd write about this instead. Perhaps it was prophetic fallacy - I was told this morning that my mumps are no longer contagious so I can start going out again. Out Mum and I went to the stables, 20 minutes later (she drove me so I couldn't go riding for too long and fatigue myself)!

Ernest's favourite place, the cross country field
What a day. Blue skies, warm sun, a light breeze... Ernest was munching hay in his stable with his rug off, and judging by all the mud, he had gone out without his turnout rug on as well. I even had to ride wearing sun glasses!

We walked around the woods and along the cross country field for about 45 minutes, Ernest on a long rein and me taking photos every so often. The wildlife certainly enjoyed the weather today, too, as I saw pheasants strolling through the undergrowth and rabbits hopping around. On Sunday, I even caught two does and a stag grazing in one of the clearings.

I was so relieved to get outside and see Ernest today. My face is still achey and tight with all the swelling, but it's hard to think about that when I spend time with my favourite boy. He always knows when I'm feeling unwell as he behaves differently - very cuddly and gentle, nuzzling my hands softly and letting me lean on him while I'm grooming.

I'm hoping to ride every day for the rest of the week, including a very long hack at the weekend if the sun is still shining.


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