Friday, 19 October 2012

Clean Eating: Day Five

Today is most definately a hungry day. I want to eat EVERYTHING, it's gone 11.00pm, I'm going to make another pancake, I haven't worked out, and I've been sat down since 2.00. WHY MUST I HAVE A LAZY DAY AND A HUNGRY DAY ON THE SAME DAY???? WHY??? WHY AM I STILL NOT GETTING UP?
I think we all have these days, but I've definately been watching too much TV for my liking. Time to cut down to the bare minimum (1 hour of The Big Bang Theory, 6-7).

Aaaand focus. I have eaten more than normal, but still as clean as can be.
I don't really want to write this down, but.....

1 pancake sweetened with agave nectar
1 cup of tea

30g mixed nuts
1 banana
1 cup of tea

2 slices wholemeal bread and peanut butter
3 quorn cocktail sausages

100g plain yoghurt
200ml juice

1 quorn lemon and black pepper escalope
Roasted potatoes, courgette, tomato, pepper and carrot
1 nakd bar

And 2 litres of water. Write down the calories for today? Ha ha ha no.

This weekend, I am definately going to make up for tonight. Watching a rugby game tomorrow; that counts, right?
Bye bye
Pip xxx

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