Thursday, 18 October 2012

Clean Eating: Day Four

Thursday is the day of the week I go to my place of work and count down until 3.00pm, when I deem it acceptable to buy a Twirl from the vending machine. Today, I did not. I settled for a nakd Cocoa Orange bar; it was yummy. I'm craving something right now (I sound like an addict...), but as I have proven so far, I don't really want anything. The cravings are only a 3/10, and after 4 days, I think it's safe to say it's not just because I had a treat fairly recently - 4 days without chocolate is a long time for me, anyway. The only real craving I'm having is for protein.
So, as I said, my routine on a Thursday includes 240 calories-worth of Twirl. I always bring lunch and snacks to work, because I really do not like being hungry. Perhaps it was the three years of starvation that did it, I don't know.
Today went like this:
1 pancake sweetened with agave nectar - recommend recommend recommend
1 cup of tea
1 black coffee
1 banana
Tofu stir fry - no sauce, but actually very nice without
1 cup of tea
1 nakd bar
4 quorn cocktail sausages (pre dinner)
1 quorn peppercorn steak
Roasted courgette, mushroom, carrot
Boiled potatoes
200ml apple, rhubarb and strawberry juice
Aaaand 2 litres of water. This comes to exactly 1565 calories, which isn't low considering I've been sat on my botbot all day again. And anyway, 1200 is the minimum to sustain being a breathing, functioning human, so I am definately OK.
My skin appears to be mysteriously greasy at the moment; perhaps I am eating too much oil? Or my skin is just being a bitch?
Tomorrow I am riding and getting the weights out!
Goodbye for now,
Pip xxx

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