Tuesday, 16 October 2012

Clean Eating: Day One

Today was the first day I've intentionally 'eaten clean'. It wasn't too much effort, although there were a couple of choices I did have to stop and think about, such as the lactofree spread and vegetarian protein options. Overall, I would say this is definately do-able, and as a vegetarian I'm used to being conscientious of my food choices. I have a bad after-dinner habit of eating something sweet, and I definately craved something today, but this was more to do with my habit than actually wanting or needing some sugar.

My daily intake is detailed below (I'm not going to calorie count every day, I just think for the first week it might be interesting to document):

1 cup of tea (soya milk)
250ml of orange juice
200g low fat Greek-style yoghurt
= 235 calories

1 quorn peppered steak
1/2 carrot
Roasted tomatoes
= 217 calories

1 berry-flavour nakd bar
1 slice of wholemeal toast and lactofree spread
1 banana
45g cashew nuts
1 coffee
1 cup of tea
I hasten to add these were consumed over about 4 hours, before I went to the gym!
= 600 calories

Post-workout chocolate protein shake (vegan protein powder, soya milk, soya natural yoghurt)
1 aduki bean kiev
Boiled potatoes
Roasted tomatoes, courgettes, peppers, mushrooms
1 cup of tea
= 886 calories
TOTAL = 1938 calories

I also drank about 1.25 litres of water today, which is quite low for me as I usually get at least 2 litres.

Today was also the first day I've worked out since I ran the Basingstoke Half Marathon on 7th October (2 hours 7 minutes). My focus has been less on weights and more on running over the last few months, so I was excited to start a new programme. This one is an all-over body workout, which I have to do three sets of before I can flop gasping and sweating on to the floor; hopefully not in front of hot gym guy (HGG). More on him later, or never.

I started with a ten-minute hill run, which apparently burned 90-something calories; it was quite comfortable! My trainer lures me in with friendly chat during my warm-up, before she abuses my body with various horrible moves like Bulgarian split squats - the devil's work I tell you...

I will upload my workout sometime this week, and Clean Eating: Day Two tomorrow.

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