Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Clean Eating: Day Three

Hello again! Today was the first clean shop; very easy and not expensive when sharing the cost with my fellow clean-eater. The shop consisted mostly of vegetables, kidney beans and butter beans in water, nakd bars for sweet-but-healthy snacks (vegan and sooooo yum), wholemeal bread, plain yoghurt and mixed nuts. We also bought agave nectar, and after squirting it accidently over the side, we tried a smidgeon; the conclusion was toffee apples. Not a bad thing for 13 calories per teaspoon.
Passing the cake, chocolate, crisps, sinners aisle was not too hard, although we did point out everything we'd eat (most things). I am enjoying not eating sweet things mindlessly; tonight I didn't crave anything sweet. Although come Sunday, I will probably devour a 5-pack of double chocolate chip cookies, and a packet of French fancies. Just kidding, but not really.
I didn't exercise today, or even walk to and from Uni, however I am feeling the effects of Monday's workout. I am doing it again this weekend at the Uni house except for a couple of variations, as unfortunately we don't have any TRX suspension equipment here. Or at my parents' house, for that matter.
Without further delay, here are today's meals:
Porridge, flavoured with cinnamon and brown sugar
1 cup of tea
Leftover quorn bolognaise, no pasta
1 cup of tea
1 nakd bar
1 pancake (plain flour, egg, soya milk), sweetened with brown sugar
1 banana
This meal was an odd mix because I really wasn't hungry enough to cook a proper meal. Instead, I had:
4 quorn cocktail sausages
2 tomatoes
2 slices of wholemeal toast and healthy peanut butter (Whole Earth smooth)
I've also had 1.5 litres of water and maybe an extra cup of tea in there somewhere. I reckon around 1700 calories. I do actually work out the calories, but my calculations allow for anything I've grossly undercounted; for example, today came in at 1649.
So, today is done...
Goodnight from England,
Pip xxx

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